Provide Work Output & Evidence

Real-time process orchestration,
Just-in time compensation.

Every day companies all over the world struggle with managing projects and contracts. From complex bidding RFP processes to executing and verifying work is being done correctly by qualified individuals – massive amounts of time and money is being wasted.

That’s where Cynch comes in.



Drive Competition + Engagement

Cynch ensures the trustless qualification through business identity and encourages RFP engagement by gamifying the process and rewarding participation to people who lose the bid.


Do Work, Get Paid

Get compensated as soon as a task is completed, automatically being compensated through the execution of a Cynch created smart contract.


Immutable Work Records

Ensure documentation documents for regulated, inspected or certified activities are managed as securely as possible through the blockchain distributed ledger technology.


Project Orchestration + Task Management

Automatically manage critical conditions and terms in your projects and contracts and verify execution through user and IIoT verification.

Data Marketplace

Trustlessly Share Data for Improved Outcomes

Share anonymized data on our data marketplace to encourage industry best practices safety. You maintain control of your data and what aspects of it to share.


Workflows + Smart Contracts

Encode your knowledge and processes and share and resell them on the Cynch marketplace to monetize your knowledge and experience.

Meet The Founders

Craig Klein

Co-Founder, Sales

Craig is the founder and CEO of, a leading CRM, marketing automation and lead generation solution for sales teams from 10 to 100. He’s also the author of “Inside-Out Selling”, a guide to growing and managing sales teams. In the past 15 years, he has built and led sales teams to major success selling multi-million dollar, multi-year contracts to energy companies such as ExxonMobil, BP, Shell and Chevron.

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Austin Fatheree

Co-Founder, Technology

Austin has been building data-intensive applications across many industries including Health Care, Title Insurance, Financial Services, and Oil and Gas since 1997 and consulting n the areas of blockchain design, database design, system architecture, mobile application development, and web application development since 2011. He is the founder of Catallax, a blockchain based economic project, and the author of Immortality: The Blockchain is a Time Machine that may Save Your Future Self.

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Oliver Diaz

Co-Founder, Innovation

Oliver is a 20-year veteran of tech marketing and founder of Fuel.Tech, the leading provider of 3D media and software to the energy industry. Oliver also founded GNOSYS, an electronic procedure platform used by Fortune 500 companies and Patients We Share, an innovative referral system for doctors and patients.

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Roger Janik

Co-Founder, Marketing

Roger Janik is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He is currently the managing partner of companies in industries such as digital marketing, software, food manufacturing, bath products and luxury water fountains including,, Fair Marketing, Celebrate Brands, Rank Hacker & Man Salt Muscle Soak.

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