Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the most common questions prospective partners have asked us. If you don't see an answer to your question here, please send it to us by

Who can use Cynch?

Cynch helps anyone managing complex projects involving multiple parties.  Initially we’re focusing on the Energy, IT/Tech, Chemical, Healthcare, Aerospace and Manufacturing industries.  See our case studies for examples of how Cynch gets used. >> Case Studies

What does Cynch do?

Cynch is an enterprise scale project orchestration platform that lowers transactional friction, cost-of-quality and operational inefficiency.  Our easy to use user interface let’s project owners author smart contracts without the need to learn new technology all project transactions to be verified by miners and information to be shared over distributed networks in real time.  Cynch projects can link human workers and IIOT (autonomous devices) into automated workflows with all parties being automatically compensated instantaneously.

Who benefits from Cynch?

Cynch helps owners of projects increase quality and efficiency while reducing risk. Cynch also helps contractors and workers involved in projects establish their credentials, verify completion and quality of work performed. Cynch’s blockchain based miner powered validation architecture enables all authorized parties to have secure, real data access to project data. Cynch also enables just-in-time compensation reducing risk and credit/collection issues.

Does Cynch have revenue now?

Yes. Cynch has been licensed to 2 large corporations and has paid pilot programs underway with several others.

What does it cost?

Costs vary depending upon options and industry. Please contact us so that we can prepare a proposal for you.

What is "Blockchain"?

Blockchain is the technology that underlies crypto-currencies like “Bitcoin” and others. However, Cynch is not a currency, it’s a platform for use in projects. Blockchain enables “trustless”, distributed systems where all authorized parties can share information in real time with full faith in the validity of the information. Blockchain networks, including Cynch, use “miners” to validate all information and transactions on the network to ensure authorizations and accuracy.

Does Cynch have a token?

Yes. Cynch tokens are “utility tokens”. Utility tokens are used on the network but, not used as currency. For example, in the Cynch network, miners are rewarded with tokens when they validate a transaction or when they challenge a transaction successfully.

Will Cynch have an ICO?

ICO = Initial Coin Offering. Due to the current uncertainty regarding U.S. securities laws relating to ICOs, we do not have immediate plans for an ICO. However, we do expect the regulatory framework to clarify in the coming months and will consider an ICO at that time.